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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo Randomness

Geesh I am not doing a very good job at blogging lately!
Can you tell we have been crazy busy lately? I really need a laptop so I can blog when I am not near my computer....although I don't think I would be taking it to the beach and that is where we have been EVERY nice day!
I know today is Tuesday...more specifically TASTY Tuesday but I really do not have anything for you guys today, recipe wise. It seems like all we have eaten for the last week or so is chips, watermelon, egg sandwiches, s'mores, BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers & sausages. (Hmmm I don't know why I have put back 6 of the 15 lbs I lost.) Baking is on my "to-do" list for this week. Maybe I will throw together some PB & J squares later today since it is giving pouring rain all day.
I wanted to do a "Mean Mama Monday" post yesterday but I didn't get a chance between laundry, cleaning my house and playing referee all day. I was an extrememly mean Mama yesterday! Has anyone heard Katy Perry's new song "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)?" I admit, it has a pretty catchy beat but it will NEVER be played in my house...EVER! Here is an example of some of the lyrics:

There's a stranger in my bed,
There's a pounding my head
Glitter all over the room
Pink flamingos in the pool
I smell like a minibar
DJ's passed out in the yard
Barbie's on the barbeque
There's a hickie or a bruise
Pictures of last night
Eended up online
I'm screwed
Oh well
It's a black top blur
But I'm pretty sure it ruled
Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot
Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard
Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park
Skinny dipping in the dark
Then had a menage a trois
Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop-op
This Friday night
Do it all again
This Friday night
Do it all again
Trying to connect the dots
Don't know what to tell my boss
Think the city towed my car
Chandelier is on the floor
With my favorite party dress
Warrants out for my arrest
Think I need a ginger ale
That was such an epic fail
Pictures of last night
Ended up online
I'm screwed
Oh well
It's a blacked out blur
But I'm pretty sure it ruled

So yeah, that was not being played yesterday (or EVER) and I was "mean" because of this. If Parker knew what "mean" was he DEFINATELY would have called me a "mean Mama" when I would not give him a sookie in between naps. I was also mean when I would not let the kids have Pepsi (I have blogged about this before!) and I was mean when I would not let Riley call his friend who has a pool to see if he could go swimming. Is there anything more annoying then random kids calling your house all day to ask if they can come over? I even hate it when the kids want to call their Grandparents to invite themselves over because I feel like they are being a pain-in-the-butt!
In other news, if you pray I am asking you to say a quick one for us as we may be starting a new chapter in our lives and have a big decision to make. That is all I can say about that right now. Stay tuned for more hopefully in the next week!
Lastly, remember the Gold Canyon Giveaway I had posted about  here? The one I had forgot about until last night while I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep? helped me choose a winner this morning!
The 1st comment, which was written by Mrs. Shawna Payne is the lucky winner of an "apple" Gold Canyon candle. Congratulations Shawna! I will be in touch!
Who watches Big Brother? I was talked into it this year and I think I may be hooked! Did you know Evil Dick has left the show for "personal reasons?" I am glad because he got on my nerves (not as much as that Rachel chick though!)
I will leave you with a link to one of my favorite bloggers. She posted this last week & I was truly amazed with her honesty! Kudos to you McMama!
There ya have it a completely random least it's a post so be thankful haha
Hope y'all are having a GREAT summer! We sure are!



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