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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Summer is definitely here and so far, being greatly enjoyed!

We had a beautiful fun filled weekend.
On Canada day (Friday) the boys, Brittany, Prince Charming & I  went to the waterfront for the morning and then headed to the beach until after supper. Friday night the boys, Britt & I slept in the tent in our back yard (ghetto?)
Saturday we went to the beach again and then to a camp on the lake where friends of ours were staying. Riley had a sleepover at the camp with his "Tauntie" and Jack & I headed to see Quest Crew.
Prince Charming worked on Sunday so Jack, Parker & I headed to church and then to my Aunt's for a BBQ with some of the youth from our church...then we were off to the lake.
Yesterday was spent catching up on housework & laundry.
I wish we could spend every nice day at the beach! Riley & Jack seem to love each other's company so much more when they are not cooped up in the house. A 2nd vehicle would truly be a blessing. In order for me to keep the van I have to drive Prince Charming to work at 7:45 and have to be back at 5 to pick him up. It is a pain in the butt, but the bigger problem is the gas we go through! We love our van but she is quite "thirsty."
Well I must go relax for a bit before Parker wakes up from his afternoon nap. Prince Charming has a hair cut at 4 and then I am hoping to take the boys swimming this evening!
During the summer I probably will not be as "faithful" of a  blogger as I usually am but I will do my best :)
Here are a few pics from our weekend!

Brittany is teaching Parker gymnastics

Parker loves the beach!

Happy Canada Day!

Camp out!

Ry & Britt

Mark & the kids going for a boat ride at the camp.


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