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Friday, January 20, 2012

The "C" Word...

I had never heard of this amazing man until I saw THIS VIDEO all over Facebook.

All I have to say is, if you have not watched this video...and you plan to...get some kleenex.
Kristian Anderson (age 34) was diagnosed on October 6,2009 with bowel cancer. Kristian went to Heaven on January 2, 2012, just after 8am. He has a wife (Rachel), 2 little boys (Cody & Jakob) and an amazing story of courage and hope. His blog can be viewed HERE and I encourage everyone to read his story. I watched his "celebration of life" yesterday and cried as if I had known him for years. What an impact he has had on his family, friends, co-workers....and even strangers! Oprah must have also saw something in him as he was a guest on her show in January of 2011. (You can read about it on his blog HERE) I cannot imagine facing death, knowing I was going to be leaving my spouse with 2 young children and still, never losing faith in God.
This whole cancer thing is really hitting home for me.
As I sit here, typing this post, my heart is broken. As many of my Facebook friends already know, the mother of my best friend is in the hospital fighting for her life. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer about a year and a half ago. Dr's think the cancer has now spread into her bone marrow, possibly into her lungs and more than likely into the skull.

Today, 30 years ago this same woman was in the hospital giving birth to a brand new baby girl, who grew up to be a beautiful woman, amazing mother, daughter, sister, and friend, MY best friend, Janette. (Happy birthday hunny!!)

Told ya she was beautiful :)

I cannot imagine what this family is going through. They are one of the closest knit families I know. Why does this happen. Why, in this day and age is there no cure for cancer? WHY THIS FAMILY???? I am angry, I am sad and my heart is literally aching for this family, for my best friend.  I have prayed, my family has prayed, and now I am sure strangers from around the world will be praying when they read this....why is nothing changing? I believe that even when the Dr's say "NO" God can say "YES" and I know that God does not always say "YES"....and that is what I am struggling with now. I have been pleading with God all week to spare this precious woman....but every day there is no change. Today she is actually getting worse. Dr's have removed her IV as it is not helping anymore. SHE NEEDS A MIRACLE THAT CAN ONLY COME FROM GOD! Dr's cannot do anymore for her. Please take a moment and pray, her name is Val.
Prince Charming & I will be leaving around 4:30 (providing this snow stops!) and making the 3 hr drive to be with Janette for the weekend. What was supposed to be a weekend filled with surprise & celebration for her 30th birthday is now a weekend filled with sorrow, tears and a sense of loss.


TLD said...

Beautifully said. My heart goes out to all families who have had to deal with the "C" word. God Bless you all, for your courage and strength.

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