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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mean Mama Is BACK!

1 year ago today, I wrote my 1st blog post...

I was doing great with blogging until a couple months ago. I was not feeling very well and blogging was the least of my worries. Just to clean my house & take care of the boys was a hard enough job & when I wasn't doing either of those...I was sleeping.  I am happy to say I am feeling much better now. I am ready to jump back on the blogging bandwagon :)
I am so bummed that Christmas is all over again for another year! I would have to say that Christmas Eve is my favorite day/night because that is when the kid's (& adults ;) anticipation is pretty much uncontainable! Christmas morning is awesome too but it is all done in an hour or so! I have to say that this Christmas seemed to be the best one we have ever had! I was SO surprised that Prince Charming actually got me a Kobo Vox (I LOVE IT!!!) and he was equally surprised with his new XBOX 360. The kiddos were all very happy with what Santa brought them...especially their new kitty (Casper)! This year was so much fun with Parker! He knew what opening presents was all about!
Our New Year's Eve was pretty much the same as last year except it was just our family and we let the 2 older boys stay up until midnight. We bought tons of treats...filled our bellies & then settled in to watch a movie. Within the 1st hour of the movie (at approx. 9 PM) Jack & Mama were fast asleep! Riley & Daddy stayed up until midnight. There was no family New Year's supper today as Grampy is back in the hospital but is doing very well and should be coming home Tuesday.
So here we are 2012! A new year means new year's resolutions & I HATE new year's resolutions. I think people make crazy (unattainable) goals that they never seem to follow through with. In order to lose weight, or quit smoking for example...YOU have to want to do it. YOU have to be ready to do it and most of all you have to do it for YOU...not because the date has changed. So..because I am fat and do not want to be (not because it is a new year LOL) I have decided to to try out this new P.I.N.K. METHOD that everyone is talking about. I 1st saw it on Dr. Phil...then The Dr's. and finally Dr. Oz. At 1st I thought..."Oh man...another stupid diet" but after doing my research and seeing the results I thought I might as well give it a try. I love how it is made just for women. My Mom ordered it last week & I looked through the book a little bit yesterday & the diet is VERY similar to the 17 day diet so I think I can do it. It also comes with workout DVD's for each of the 3 phases. Working out & I do not get along very well. When I hear people say they LOVE working out I think A) they hit their head while doing jumping jacks B) they were born stupid C) they are not human D) they are a comedian trying to make me laugh.
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE how I feel AFTER working out but the actual act of working out (the actual THOUGHT of it really) makes me nauseous. pain no gain I guess.
Well, I am off to bed with my Kobo to read some more "Hunger Games." (which is by far the weirdest book I have ever read....kinda makes you wonder about the author...but like most people in the world, I seem to be hooked). I will leave you with a few holiday pics!
Happy New Year!!!!!

Our tree

He knew where he belonged ;)

I think he liked it ;)

What is it with my boys and their crooked smiles?

A moon nightlight from Tauntie

Claire, Casper & bubblegum

Ry & Casper


Parker's new kitchen
This is how Jack & I rang in the new year! We know how to PART-AY!


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Glad you are feeling better,Happy New Year :)

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