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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, another year has come and gone. It was a pretty lame New Year's Eve around here, I am ashamed to admit it but I was asleep before midnight! My sister and her hubby came bearing tons of food. We brought out the board games, cooked up some deep fryed appetizers (every kind you can imagine!), had a couple glasses of wine....and went to bed.
At 11 pm I started laundry, cleaned the kitchen...even picked up a few toys from the boy's room. Prince charming and my brother-in-law (who I will refer to as "Uncle Dude") played the new COD on the Xbox, my sister (Tauntie) fell asleep with her soggy book in hand (the night before she did the same thing...except she was in the tub) so Mama headed off to bed. Oh well, at least today I am feeling pretty good! Riley is off to his cousin's house...Jack is quietly watching a movie and Parker is having his morning nap. I think Mama bear might just try and grab a quick nap. Then it is off to Grandmother's house we go for our traditional New Year's supper! Hope eveyone has a great 2011!


Jessica Martinez said...

Hey there! Happy New Year and don't sweat it cause I rang in the new year sleeping as well haha. I came across your blog and I will be following :) hehe I had a 'mean mother' growing up and now I can't thank her enough for it..

meanestmotherintheworld said...

:) Well I am glad I am not the only 1 ;)
Thanks for following my blog, hope you enjoy it!

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