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Monday, January 17, 2011

Out To Lunch

As per usual our family and friends headed out to a local restaurant for some lunch yesterday after church. When we walked in we were told there was a child's birthday party where we normally sit so we would probably be more comfortable in the bar. Not a problem!
Prince Charming and I had the 3 boys with us. On Sundays at this particular restaurant kids eat for $3. So we ate, laughed, gossiped and then got the bill. I thought it looked a little steep and then noticed the kids were charged $6.25 for their lunch. I called our waitress over and politely reminded her that it was Sunday, to which she replied "Ohhhhhh that deal only applies if you are sitting in the restaurant part not in the bar."  Excuse me? When we walked into the door #1 you sat us in the bar #2 When we walked through the door to the bar I didn't realize we walked into a whole different restaurant and #3 If you somehow did not SEE my children, I am pretty sure you HEARD them (Parker in particular), so you knew we had children present but failed to mention that in this side of the restaurant children cost more to feed. Ohhh maybe she thought they were 19 since we were in the bar? C'MON is this even legal?!?!?!  They get ya with their appetizers the same way! If you sit in the "restaurant" part they are regular price BUT, if you go 2 feet away to a bar stool they are 1/2 price. This, to me, is RIDICULOUS!!!  Can you say MONEY HUNGRY??Anyway, my big mouth paid off once again and we got 15% off of our meal.


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