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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mean Mama Monday

Mean Mama On Bad Language
I HATE swearing. I hate when you are having (or trying to have) a conversation with someone and the "F bomb" is used just as much and as casually as the word "the" or "and."
I am not 100% innocent, I have dropped a few F Bombs in my life in a moment of anger or extreme pain (sorry Mom, those contractions were painful!). Cursing is not part of my normal day to day vocabulary. Sometimes I would love to have a little voice recorder handy just so I could play back a conversation with certain people. Maybe then they would realize how completely uneducated they sound! I think some people just think it is cool?
I REALLY cannot stand it when people swear at (in front of) their children. This, to me, is a form of abuse! It makes me laugh when the school calls the parents to discuss little Johnny's "choice of words". The parents are clueless and don't understand why on earth they would talk like that (when the night before little Johnny was told to "get the F to bed!").
I understand that unfortunately I can't keep my boys in a bubble and they will hear "bad words" at school HOWEVER they will know that it will not be accepted in our home. In games, movies, our out of anyones mouth.
Mean or what?? :)


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i use it somtimes i dont know why not because i think its "cool" but i think because i grew up around it? family and friends were always over and they used it all the time i find as i get older i use it alot less, i threw it out there once when i fell and really hurt myself & B looked at me, & i was like OOPs mumma said a bad word, dont ever say it ok? its not ok not even when you hurt yourself mumma just couldnt help it. bad mumma. a& he got it and had never ever said it so im thankful for that!

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