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Sunday, January 2, 2011

PCD--> Post Christmas Depression

I am suffering from a self diagnosed (and maybe "mean Mama invented) case of  "post Christmas depression".  I wonder if there is such a thing? It always hits me after New Years, when it's time to "get back to reality." Does anyone else feel like this? I mean you can suffer from post partum depression after you have a baby (I suffered SEVERLY after Jack and will blog about that on a later date!), it would only make sense that there really is "post Christmas depression....right?? (just nod & smile...thanks...)

Here are my symptoms:
  • I am sad that we had to take down our Christmas tree on boxing day. (when there are more needles on the floor then on the tree, it's time)
  • I miss shopping when the stores are feel claustrophobic because there are so many people, BUT the many people are SO cheery and happy.
  • I miss the Christmas concerts (Riley was such a handsome little shepherd & Jack was such a cute lamb) 
  • I miss hearing the boys talk about how excited they are and watching their faces when they opened their gifts
  • I miss feeling like a kid a week before Christmas, not being able to sleep because I was so excited!
  • I miss the decorations, the music, the lights, the food, the family get togethers (I still can't put away the Christmas CD in the car, Parker who is only 15 months old LOVES "Jingle Bells"...his face lights up and he starts clapping and trying to sing as soon as he hears can I take that way from him? I am MEAN but.......)
I already CANNOT wait for Christmas 2011. So with Jingle Bells in the Christmas lights on the headboard and some home made eggnog in the fridge, I am going to try and stay in the cheery Christmas mood until it's beach weather. This year, I'm kicking this PCD right in the butt ;) Merry Christmas :)


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