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Friday, January 21, 2011

Romance In The Waiting Room

 Last Wednesday I had to take Gram for an appointment. While in the waiting room I was reading my book and got the feeling of eyes on me.When I glanced over I met eyes with a man who I would say was in his early 30's.  He smiled and I went back to my book. About an hr later Gram's name was called so she went in. Back to my book I went...and back to the awkward stares. By this time I was thinking "do I have a boogie on my nose or something?" Next thing I know he says "hey, wanna go grab a coffee?"
I felt like I was going to barf. Not because he was gross, he was actually not too bad to look at. BUT I have been in a relationship for the last 6 1/2 years. I stay home in my pajamas most every day and most of the time when I run to town I am in sweats, sneakers and a ball cap. Sexxxyyyy ;) On this particular day I decided to dress up a little just so I wouldn't embarrass Gram ;)
So back to Rico and the coffee. I am sure my face turned 100 shades of red. All I could say was "Umm that's OK I don't drink coffee..." Well that was a dumb answer (and a lie). "Tea? Pop? Water? I'm sure we can find you SOMETHING in the cafeteria..." Oh man...what was happening. Could it be that another man besides Prince Charming thought I was cute? Anyway, I politely refused telling him my Grandmother should be out shortly (even though he was within earshot when the nurse said an hour and a 1/ had only been 20 minutes in at this point.)
Like you have heard me say in previous posts I feel disgusting. These extra 40 lbs are making me depressed...angry and tired. I don't feel sexy in any way shape or form. Gee whiz I don't remember the last time I got hit on! ( & it surely wasn't ever at the hospital!)
Don't get me wrong, I love Prince Charming. We have a WONDERFUL marriage and of course he does call me beauftiful once in a while. Not very often anymore because he doesn't think there is a point to compliment me when my response is always "I'M SURE."  (can ya blame him?)
This being said the little incident in the day surgery waiting room was a self esteem booster. No I didn't take him up on his offer but just to know that after having 3 kids...feeling the way I do lately, I must not look as bad as I feel. It almost felt good to tell Prince Charming what had happened that afternoon. He talks to women at work...he has some that even write on his FB wall "hey hun..." I never really talk to other men, he never has any reason to get jealous. After all, his wife does not have a life. The only boys she talks to are those under 4 ft tall, some of them who wear diapers ;)
So it was an interesting afternoon at the hospital. We'll be back to have her other eye done in March, I will be sure to wear sweatpants, sneakers and a ball cap...just in case :)


Coady said...

This is cute.
I think everyone goes through this.

I love getting nice smiles and looks from strangers. It makes me feel like Cyndi isn't lying to me :P

Brittany Corporon said...

I'd take you out to get coffee anyday.. ;P

Anonymous said...

i like your blog kristy very cute!!! :) from arielle

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