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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Day @ Gram's

Today the boys and I went to Gram & Grampy's for the day. They have a big snow covered hill in their back yard and we spent all morning outside!
Parker LOVED his new sled that we got 2nd hand for $5.00! I thought he might even fall asleep!

I pulled him around the yard, even down the hill (which he LOVED!!). My cousin came over with her 2 boys and their sleds which made for a fun filled Saturday morning!
The fresh air helped Parker sleep almost 3 hrs this afternoon which allowed for a few snuggles with Riley & Jack, a nice chat with Grampy and even some time to read! Gram was gone most of the day as Saturday is her "hair day."
After a great morning, a relaxing afternoon, and a yummy supper of baked beans, fish cakes & "chow chow" I am now home awaiting a bath, jammies & bed.
I LOVE it when we have "good days." Days that I don't feel like I am always getting after Riley & Jack for fighting, days where I know they are so happy to have me home with them & days where I feel like there is no other place I would rather be then spending my day with my children. Today was 1 of those days :)
I am SO blessed to have 3 healthy boys and such amazing grandparents.


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DITTO! :o)
XO mama

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