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Monday, January 24, 2011


I aplogize for the little blogging hiatus. I have a good excuse, really :)
As mentioned in last Thursday's post A) I missed the city and B) my best friend turned 29 SO it would only make sense to hop in a car and head to the big city for a big surprise :) My sister, our friend "B" and I made the 3 hr trip early Saturday morning.
We had a fun filled day of shopping and then checked into our hotel around 5. The birthday girl's sister had secretly made plans for a bunch of gals to meet up and surprise her at Eastside Marios. We were running late so by the time we got there everyone was already seated so we were able to sneak up behind her. Boy was she surprised :) It was truly a perfect evening with LOTS of laughs, even a phone # for the guest of honor from our cute waiter!

Birthday girl and her sister came back to our hotel and spent the night with us. We went swimming, relaxed in the hot tub and had MORE laughs :)
It was SUCH a great weekend!
I do have to get a little mushy and say a BIG THANK YOU to my amazing husband who held down the fort and did an amazing job. The house was spotless when I returned home, he even had the boy's school clothes laid out for the next morning (however they will not be needed today as we have a windchill of almost -30 so I am keeping them home and warm :). I am so blessed!
So Miss Ball, I hope you had and AWESOME 29th birthday, enjoy the last year in your 20's :)


Janette said...

Birthday girl here!! I still can't even believe you drove all the way from Y-town to the city just to meet me for a birthday supper! You are so amazing! REALLY!! (oooh, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about what I'm gonna say here lol). You have got to be the most thoughtful and loving friend. Your there when anyone needs you. We've been through a lot since high school, and I'd like to think we're even closer now that we've ever been (not literally of course :( Which I'm not happy about, you should know!! lol
Now you as a mother/ have gotten both down to a T!! You might not be perfect (who is??) but your job as a mom comes first. Your boys are gonna grow up to be wonderful gentleman because you've taught them morals and how to truly love someone!
My life is so much richer because you're in it, I can't imagine it any other way. Sorry if I'm just babbling, I'm not as good with words as you are!!!
I love you like a sister! Take care beautiful!!

J-Dawg (the old one lol) <3

Anonymous said...

I kept trying to figure out who Mia was when there was no one named Mia in the post... Then I figured out what MIA stands for. Yikes! Motherhood seems to have made me kind of stunned!!!
Sarah (p-tots mommy)

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Thank you Janette for making me cry :) You are well worth a 3 hr drive :)
And thank you Sarah for making me laugh after that cry ;)

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