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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing The Big City

I have to say, I miss living in the city. It took us moving back home to realize how much we dislike living in Y-town! Don't get me wrong, Y-town is a BEAUTIFUL town. But a BEAUTIFUL town that I would like to come visit.
I HATE small towns where "everybody knows your name" (and business) and where there are hardley any place to shop for nice clothes. (Kids clothes mainly)
We have 1 mall, a Walmart and a few stores downtown. A few restaurants, a library and a hospital. That's about it.
We are definitely city people. We like having so many options when it comes to things to do, just for us or us and the kids. My best girlfriends live in the city which makes it hard too :(
I think (HOPE) that when Parker is ready to start school, we will be back in Halifax.
Prince Charming could easily get a transfer and I would not have to worry about finding work as they are screaming for CCA's...and pay better than our small town! The only thing holding me here right now is my grandparents. I am very close with them and look forward to our weekly visits and helping my Gram out whenever I can.
I guess we don't know what the future holds but I am crossing my fingers that the big city is somewhere there ;)
Oh and speaking of Halifax and girlfriends, I want to wish my bestest girl a VERY Happy 29th Birthday!! Love ya!!!


Louisette said...

I understand how you feel! I often wonder if my parents didn't live here if we would move back to the city! Actually, if my parents would just MOVE to the city it would make my life so much easier! I would move in a nanosecond! :)
It's definitely a back and forth feeling, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

If you don't want everyone to know your name and business then why bother blogging and advertising that you're doing so on facebook so even more people will go read about your business?

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Louisette, you are SO right! It is a back and forth feeling!

"Anonymous", I don't know what you mean. I want everyone to read my blog. I believe alot of the topics I cover about parenting and such alot of women can relate to. You must be quite interested in "my business" to be on my FB or creeping my blog :) Clearly I don't have a problem telling everyone "my name" as much as you seem to Anonymous :)

Coady said...

Small towns and villages are brutal sometimes. Love that when I'm in Kingston, I can go out and do stuff without anyone I know talking about it.

I remember visiting my Mom one summer and she was driving me somewhere and the gossip spread that my Mom was with another man... awkward. lol.

@anonymous--there's a difference between public life that you want people to know about (that you purposely put online) and then the odd gossip that comes from small towns. ;)

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