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Monday, January 17, 2011

Mean Mama Monday

Mean Mama on "Crying it out"
I did not "ferberize" my children nor am I a "baby whisperer". When they wanted to eat at 2 in the morning at 4 months old, I got them up and slapped them on the boob, they did not cry it out.
This being said at 12, 13, 14 ,15, 16......months at 2 in the morning if they woke up, they cried it out. Their "get up with Mom, eat and watch DVR'd Grey's, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice card" had expired.
Lately Parker has decided he doesn't need to nap anymore. This decision isn't very smart on his part because he cannot function like a normal 1 yr old on less than 2 naps a day. So guess what we have been doing....yup that's right....listening to him scream for 45 minutes (insert apology to neighbors here) before he finally gives in and takes a nap. Yesterday he treated us to a 2 hour "I am going to go for a nap like a good boy" kind of nap. It was great! Today we have 1 nap down 1 more to go and so far so good.
Do I miss the newborn days of just him and I snuggling on the couch at 1 AM (and again and 2 AM, 3 AM 4 AM...) watching TV while he feeds? ABSOLUTELY!!! Do I enjoy these nights of 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep? ABSOLUTELY!
I do have 1 confession to make. I am not ALWAYS mean. For example, last Friday night when Prince Charming was working late I heard the sookie meets floor sound...with the crying 10 seconds after. Instead of just popping it back into Parker's mouth I picked him up, gave him his sookie, got the blankie and headed to the couch. We snuggled and watched some DVR'd shows and eventually fell asleep (both of us!). I could have just given him his sookie and he would have gone right back to sleep BUT since I was awake, and SINCE nobody else was around and since he is not a snuggler (unless he is 1/2 asleep) I chose to snuggle my baby boy while I had the chance. Had it of been 2 AM instead of 9:30 PM I may have reverted back to my mean self ;)
So there ya have it...I broke the rules. They are only little once so this is 1 rule I don't feel SO bad about breaking (once in a while:).


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