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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my family, friends, followers but ESPECIALLY my amazing husband.

Here at our house Valentine's Day has never been a big holiday. I have always felt like my friend, the candle lady, whos FB status this morning was "Happy phony, romanticized, overly commercial,, pretend that it's love, day!" If you cannot show the people you love, day to day how important they are to you and how much you love them, don't do it on Valentine's Day. Then you are just doing it because you kinda have to. Every year Prince Charming and I exchange a card and maybe some chocolate and he always makes me supper once the boys are in bed. Sometimes we go out to a movie a few days before Valentine's Day because a crowded theatre or restaurant is not our idea of romantic. Last night we decided to go to the movies.On the way to the theatre Prince Charming told me to look in the dash. I was expecting a flower, or maybe a card. I am pretty sure I had a mini heart attack when I saw the ring.
Just before Christmas I had heard of KAMELEON RINGS. I had already submitted my Christmas wish list to Santa Hubby so I thought I would ask for one in July for my birthday. Oh no, Prince Charming, being the Prince Charming he is went and picked out the ring AND pop (that is Kameleon talk for "jewel" haha) all by himself! It is BEAUTIFUL!
I freakin' love this man. Not because of the ring (although that doesn't hurt LOL) and not because "love is in the air" being Valentine's Day and all, but because of who he is the other 364 days of the year. Because I don't need confirmation that he loves me on February 14th.
I am blessed to have a husband who makes sure not a day goes by without making sure I know he loves me. No, I do not get gifts every day of the year but he does the supper dishes every night, he runs me a bubblebath when he knows I am stressed, he cleans the bathroom because he knows how much I hate doing it, he rubs my back every night before we go to sleep, he works hard to support his family, and he knows little stupid things make me heart shaped potatoes (he works in produce in case you did not know haha) and most of all, he respects me.
Tonight after the kiddos were in bed he cooked such a yummy supper! Salmon with hollandaise sauce, asparagus & portobello mushrooms marinated in Corona (YUM)!!
I am sorry gals, I quite possibly have the best husband in the world :)
Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart! I love you to the moon & back <3

The kid's Valentines this year :) Thank you Pinterest! I even got a letter from Riley's teacher telling me how big of a hit they were with staff AND students!

My ring! Looks purple but it is pink in real life :)

The boy's supper (that is cream soda...hang up the phone)

Our supper made by Prince Charming

Us <3


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