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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The "D" Word

When you live with the "C" word...more times than not it ends with the "D" word. As many of you know, Val lost her battle with cancer on January 20, 2012 at 9:45 PM, just hours after this post, on her youngest daughter's 30th birthday.

I am so glad her family was there and if it had not have been for a last minute decision to stay the night in a nearby town an hour away, Janette would not have been at the hospital as Val took her final breath.
On that Friday, Prince Charming ended up having to work an hour longer than what he thought so instead of leaving at 4:30ish...we left at 6ish. After driving 2 hours we made the decision to stay the night in a small town an hour outside of the city. The roads were TERRIBLE! We later found out there was a really bad accident that closed the highway (tractor trailor vs 2 cars) just passed where we exited to our hotel.
I really believe we were late leaving for a reason...that could have been us. Before we had decided to pull off the highway, Janette texted to tell us to let her know when we were at exit 5 so she could meet us at her place. If we had of kept going, she would have left the hospital minutes before her Mother passed away.
So yeah, I am a firm believer in the saying "everything happens for a reason." However, death makes this statement a little hard to understand because most of the time we cannot see any reason for the loss of a life.
After finding out later that evening that Val had passed away I said to Prince Charming, "I wish there was a way I could stay with Janette for a few days." By the next morning, my amazing little sister had everything worked out. Thanks to (mainly) her, my Gram and my Mother-in-law I was able to stay in the city until Thursday. (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!)
Despite the circumstances I had an AWESOME week! It was so nice to spend time with Janette & her family. For as many tears that were shed there was just as much laughter. I am sure I gained 10 lbs from all the restaurant and take out food but who wouldn't with all that good city food ;) It was a nice little vacation for me. No changing diapers or cooking or cleaning...I even got to sleep in every morning....use the bathroom by myself and not have to fight off little hands from my cup of tea.
We even got to spend a day with our old high school bestie...which may have included a little shopping therapy ;)
Like I said, despite the circumstances it was a great week. I wish I could take there pain away, they are such good people to have to go through this. Unfortunately, cancer is heartless.
Life has resumed for me. I am back to poopy diapers...a little 2 yr old's company every time I have to use the bathroom and I am fighting for my tea every morning haha. My mornings of sleeping in are no more but I am glad to be home with my family. I did miss the boys (a little LOL) but I missed Prince Charming TERRIBLY. It was SO nice to see him last Thursday! (He drove 3 hrs to pick me up....we drove 3 hrs back, getting home around 8:30 & he worked midnight until 8 Friday morning! What a trooper xo)
I learned a few things while being in the city with Janette through all of this. Because I went to every appointment they had to go to I learned how very important it is to have everything in order before you die. I am now on the market for a fireproof safe as well as life insurance & a will. I am even thinking about writing my obituary! Morbid I know BUT if that is 1 less thing my family will have to worry about...why not? Nobody wants to think about the "D" word but it is going to happen so why not prepare!?

Val, you are going to be missed more than you will ever know! xo


Janette said...

As you said, despite the circumstances, it was a great visit. I was EXTREMELY appreciative of everyone who helped out with Kristys family so she could be there with me. She helped make the whole week bearable, and even comical sometimes lol. I love you just like you are my sister, I will never forget what you've done for me!! (all of you, not just Kris). XOXOXOXO

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