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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

20 Months

Parker, you are 20 months old today. I have been catching myself telling people you are "almost 2" and I cannot believe that is the truth!
  • You wear size 12-18 months but unless your pants have an elastic that can be tightened in the waist they fall down. 12 months in pants would be perfect but they are too short. Thank God it is warming up for shorts...the other day you had a pair of 3-6 months shorts and they fit you perfect!
  • You wear size 4-5 shoes
  • You weigh 22 lbs
  • You still wear size 3 diapers
  • You only have a sookie for sleeping now :)
  • You can count to 5 by yourself, with help (if you hear the first letter) you can make it all the way to 10!
  • You are completely FEARLESS! You will climb anything that you can!
  • Your favorite food is "sgetti" (spaghetti)
  • You LOVE playing outside!
  • You try to dress (& undress) yourself, TRY being the keyword :)
  • You are our little comedian! You are always cracking everybody up :)
  • You say "please and thank-O" when you want something
  • You love bugs! Black flies have kept you well entertained these last couple weeks!
  • You are SO smart. You hear a song a couple times and then can finish off sentences in the song. It surprises us sometimes!
  • You LOVE music! As soon as we get in the van you want the "nanananana" song. (It is a Hillsong Kid's song, your favorite!)
  • You love "The Wiggles" and try to dance like they do
  • You went to the zoo yesterday for the very 1st time and you were in heaven! You were so fun to watch :)
  • You had your 1st big boy haircut 2 weeks ago!
  • You have such a strong willed personality. I pray that God will use that to benefit you as you grow and help you to be a leader (& not a big bully ;)
  • We love you Mr Parker Thomas!


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