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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Movie Review

Guess what Prince Charming and I did Saturday night......

I am really beginning to think I have the best husband in the whole wide world :) Saturday evening he surprised me with a babysitter and plans for dinner & a movie! We went to a local chinese restaurant which was having a buffet (hmmmm....I wonder why I am not losing weight these days...) and then he took me to see "Soul Surfer." This movie was the BEST, most cleanest movie I have EVER seen in theatres (aside from Passion Of The Christ). I was SO amazed. Prince Charming even really liked it!! My favorite bible verse (Jeremiah 29:11) was even quoted & one of my favorite Matt Redman songs, Blessed Be The Name of The Lord" was sung at the beginning. In different parts of the movie I felt like a black person in an old southern Baptist church, I wanted to shout "AMEN!!!!! " at the top of my lungs! This movie is based on a true story and what an amazing story it is. I just cannot stop talking about it! I want to e-mail Bethany Hamilton (the young lady who was attacked by the shark) and tell her how awesome she is. She is such an inspiration! If you are having a bad day or even a bad week, GO SEE THIS MOVIE, it will make you feel guilty for thinking your day/week has been rotten. I am not one who bothers to buy movies, once I see a movie I don't care to see it again...HOWEVER I WILL own this movie!
I give this movie a 20 out of 10 :)
The "real" Bethany Hamilton


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