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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mean Mama Monday

Pepsi? No thanks.....

I am a mean Mama when it comes to pop. We buy it once in a while for the kids. They enjoy cream soda, orange or root beer. Riley tells me that it is not fair that he is not allowed to have Pepsi or Coke. "Everybody in my class drinks it...." I guess my issue with it is the caffeine. Would you take your child to Tim Hortons and get him a small coffee? Speaking of Tim Hortons, another thing that drives me crazy is seeing little school agers (and even PRE schoolers) with an ice cap in their hands. Come on parents, these are not "slushies" or "smoothies"...again you might as well buy them a lg double double and chuck a few ice cubes in the cup.
So yeah, we are not "health freaks" who only feed our children from the backyard (although I am terribly jealous of those who can!) but we do have some rules when it comes to what they are allowed to consume :)
Because of this...........................I am a MEAN MAMA :P  Have yourselves a GREAT week!

Riley, did you find Mama's Pepsi stash?


Jessica said...

Funny picture! I too am surprised by kids drinking all kinds of coffee drinks. Do kids really need more energy???

MrsHillyG said...

Hilarious! I agree with you on the soda thing. I grew up on Faygo pop (special to Michigan-folks). When I (finally) have kids, we'll also have a no Coke or Pepsi rule.

(New follower, BTW)

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Thanks for stopping by girls! I will be sure to return the favor :)

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