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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Weekend!

If you are reading this, the rapture has not yet happened haha

IT'S THE WEEKEND...and what a busy one! I just dug myself out of a pile of laundry to blog :) I am cleaning & baking like a mad woman! Tomorrow I am having a "candle party". If you have never tried Gold Canyon candles, you MUST! I really do not think I will ever burn another candle again. I have never burned a candle that burns SO clean (no tunneling whatsoever) until I found Gold Canyon. These candles also smell up your whole house! Their baking line  is AMAZING! I am just finishing up an oatmeal raisin cookie and a cherry pie candle and they smelled SO yummy! I think I just may "smell" a giveaway soon *wink wink*
So besides cleaning my house, I have been baking (nope, that isn't the candle you smell...I am actually baking ;) I have made chewy peanut squares which failed because the peanuts were apparently old. I will be making batch #2 this evening. Cupcake pops (I bought the mold HERE...mine are not as pretty), & frozen banana bites. Tomorrow I will make a "pizza dip" for nachos and bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Keep your eye out for recipes in the next couple weeks.
I am making a home made pizza for supper and my brother-in-law is coming over so I must go start on a crust. Sometimes I think I am Martha Stewart :P
Oh 1 more thing...I have opened up a new YouTube account with the name meanmama81. I plan on uploading videos of the kids as well as a "vlog" here and there! Enjoy!
Hope you all have a great long weekend!


The Anything Place said...

Whoooo for the weekend

angela nelson said...

what are the prices of the candles like?

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