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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Full Of Poop

Is it possible to have a good outpatients experience in our town? I never thought the answer could be yes until last night.

After Jack was done eating supper he was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden he started to cry and complain that his belly hurt. Within 5 minutes he couldn't even stand up straight to walk. The 1st thing I thought was that he had to poop so I sat in the bathroom with him for about 20 minutes while he SCREAMED.  Nothing was happening on that end (pardon the pun) so off we went to the hospital. For the 1st 5 minutes of being in the car he screamed but then fell asleep.
When we walked in (around 8:00) the place was packed from wall to wall. They triaged him and then we were sent back to the waiting room to begin the 10(+) hrs of waiting to see the doc. There were people who had been there since 3:00 that afternoon.
After about an hour of waiting (and 1/2 an hour of Jack sleeping on me), he jumped out of his sleep and started crying and saying the pain was getting worse. I couldn't have planned it any better, the triage nurse walked out just as he had woke up in tears. She told us to go right in! (miracle #1) I am sure we were not liked much by the people who had been there since 2 that afternoon.
Within 2 minutes the doc came in, did a little examination, ordered an x-ray of his tummy, a urine test and blood work.
Jack fell back asleep on the stretcher and was sound asleep when the lab showed up to take his blood. I asked if we could try to get the blood while he was asleep and she said we could try but he would more than likely wake up. He did not. (miracle #2)
To make a long story short, his x-ray showed TONS of poop in his tummy. The doc ordered an enema and I was expecting the worst. I thought Jack would have to be held down. He didn't even move. (miracle #3). At 3:00 AM after 2 enemas he STILL hadn't really pooped BUT his belly felt better (miracle #4) so I told the doc I would treat it at home now that I knew it wasn't anything serious.
His diet today consisted of prune juice, apple juice with lactulose, LOTS of blueberries, apples, oranges, melon and water. No dairy allowed until he is feeling better. I am hoping for good results tomorrow as he still hasn't pooped much.
On the way home this morning around 3:30 he says "Mama, my belly REALLY hurt tonight, it felt like my bones were breaking..."  Poor thing! He was SO brave!
** I wrote this post after only sleeping for 3 hours so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes!**


Louisette said...

Wowzers! Poor fella!
Did they say what the actual cause was/could have been?

Brittany Corporon said...

*hugs and kisses*

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Louisette, not really sure. I thought maybe he doesn't "empty" each time he goes but Dr. Lyons said that kids just get constipated lol

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