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Thursday, February 3, 2011

MSI Vs. Dental Insurance

I just need to know that I am not the only one who thinks that this is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

We have health insurance through Prince Charming's employer.
After taking Jack to the dentist a few months back for a toothache (which turned out to be popcorn stuck in his tooth) I got a phone call saying we had an outstanding balance. I questioned Jack as to what he took from the dentist office...maybe he ordered a pay-per-view movie on the little ceiling TV...did he break something? Unless any of those things happened we should not have any balance for his visit. He is 4 and in NS dental visits are covered by MSI (under 10 or 13?)....that is, unless you have insurance.
This is the ridiculous part. If you have insurance, MSI will not cover any costs for the child's visit. This is the "more ridiculous" part, EVEN IF your insurance only covers 80%. MSI will not cover the other 20%. Sometimes I wonder if I should take them off of the dental plan until they have outgrown "MSI's benefits?"
It really angers me because I think your teeth and eyes should be covered by MSI just as your throat or stomach are. I know I shouldn't be complaining because we live in Canada where health care is "free" but I sure would like to meet the person who doesn't think our eyes and teeth are that important. Eye exams should be free as well as teeth cleaning, fillings etc.
Just my opinion :)
This guy probably couldn't afford the dentist ;)


Louisette said...

I had the exact same thing happen to me last year. .... no wait... what happened to me last year was the dentist office sent me a bill stating I owed them for the last dentist visit for both kids. When I called they explained that MSI only covers one dentist visit per child, per year... not the recommended two visits per year. At that time I didn't have any other insurance so I had to pay up. What the heck? Isn't it the government and the Canadian Dental people that have stipulated the two visits per year to ensure children have good dental health? As you said, perhaps I shouldn't be complaining because it could be much worse. But still!!!

Melissa said...

yes i hate that sooo much!! i complain all the time but not to the right people i anyway didi you know that you can send in your receipts to get re-embursed for what you paid....i never do it cause it is never enough to be priority to me and it would just sit on my counter.. lol but my mom used to do it all the time. it is crazy though like they think us folk with medical insurance can afford it more than the other guy.... crazy!
Melissa Garron

Sarah said...

I completely agree!!! Any time the dental office recommends anything that needs to be done for anyone in our family I ALWAYS ask them "how much will it cost me?" before proceeding. They send in a pre-determination form to blue cross and will give me a total cost before I even open my mouth. It's become much easier this way because there are no more surprise bills. But I completely agree that there should be more financial support for dental. Even with 2 dental plans Beka's ortho is still costing us $3000. It's insane!!!!

Rocker Mom said...

with my medical, if we go to the dentist and if its covered by medical I pay "the part that is owed by me", they also give me a paper to send to MSI for the difference and they send me a check for the remainder that they will cover.

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