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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Well the world didn't end yesterday but it just might today...

Don't you just love mornings in which you feel could not have gone any better? That is my morning thus far.
I woke Jack up around 10 to 7 this morning. I made him a yummy pancake breakfast. He got dressed, ate, brushed his teeth all without an argument. Parker & Riley were still sleeping when I walked Jack to the bus stop. When I came home Riley was quietly playing his DS on the couch. I made him eggs and ham, I sat with him and drank my tea while he ate. He also had a "argue free morning."
As I type this (8:20 AM) Parker is just now waking up and talking in his crib. I am hoping the mornings of him getting up at 6:30 are a thing of the past. I like having the morning with the older boys before they go to school. My laundry is almost done, supper is cooking in the slow cooker, beds are made and the housework is pretty much done!
I know you probably think you are reading the type of blog I mentioned that I hated in my very 1st blog post..."everything is so perfect, I could not be happier, I think I just pooped a rainbow......" but if you have been following my blog from the beginning you know that is not true :) It's not very often I feel like I am pooping rainbows :)


Sarah said...

Glad your morning is going so good!! What's for supper in the slowcooker? Can we come? :) Love you!!! <3

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Ham, and SURE :)

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