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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got Rant?

Caution: The following post is a big huge rant. Read at your own risk.
  • I hate hockey (unless I am in the same building, just hate it when it is on my TV)
  • I really hate when girls pretend they love hockey just because their "man" does (when they really do not know the 1st thing about it!)
  • I hate bad grammar
  • I hate elections (because it makes grown men fight like toddlers, when no matter what, nothing changes)
  • I hate the royal wedding (because with all the money they are spending on their stupid wedding they could be rebuilding Japan, or feeding hungry long until the divorce papers are signed?) 
  • I HATE dieting! (because I am hungry)
  • I hate that I have to diet (because I am fat)
  • I HATE leaky sippy cups...especially when they claim they are "leak-proof" (because my floors are a hot mess ALL the time)
  • I hate static (because it makes my hair crazy)
  • I hate my hair (because it's thick and curly)
  • I hate running (because it's dumb...why not just walk)
  • I hate not feeling "important" because all I do is stay home and babysit (even though I think that is harder than most people's jobs)
  • I hate not being able to pick up and take a trip with my husband because we can't afford it. (because I stay at home instead of working at a "real" job)
  • I hate when you state your opinion and people think it is a direct digg at them, especially on FB (Ugggg)
  • I hate thunder & lightning (because lightening could burn my house down)
  • I hate it when kids whine and sass (because it is the most annoying thing ever, right alongside sibling rivalry)
  • I hate people who think they are better than me (because you're not)
  • I hate feeling like people are better than me because of their material possessions (because I am human)
  • I hate that this is Oprah's last season (because I love her)
  • I hate when the chapters in a novel are soooo long (because I can't stop reading until I am done a chapter....)
  • I hate when people cry and complain that you never go visit or call but they never visit or call you. (because I hate double standards)
  • I hate (H-A-T-E) june bugs (because they are DISGUSTING)
  • I hate feeling like I suck at being a Mom (because I REALLY feel like that lately)
  • I hate brushing my teeth (because my teeth are so sensitive and bleed so easily....yes I still do brush them)
  • I hate germs (...I may be a little germ-a-phobic)
  • I hate that Prince Charming is sitting on the couch right now eating ice cream (because I want some and it's not fair that he can eat 2L a night and not gain a lb)
  • I hate broken families (because it sucks)
  • I hate sucky movie endings (because, who likes them?)
  • I hate it when the movie theatre runs out of dill pickle popcorn seasoning (because what is popcorn without dill?)
  • I hate it when people make their FB status "SO HAPPY" or "OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT", stuff like that (because they obviously want you to comment and ask about it)
  • I HATE dead beat fathers (because my son has 1)
  • I hate fake people ("In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies." -Horton Hears A Who)
Sorry......I'm not all rainbows and butterflies :P


Anonymous said...

WOW, that's alot of hate! ...anything you like? Have you ever thought of counting your blessings to realize how much you have compared to those that have just buried a child, put their children to bed without having any food to feed them, not known where a loved one is because of abduction, are homeless & scared to close their eyes @ night for fear of being attacked or freezing to death, whose neighborhoods are in a war zone or just flattened by a tornado, etc., etc., etc.

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. If you don't like what you read please don't read, and if you must comment, especially in a negative way, don't be a scaredy cat, leave your name :)
This blog post has actually has gotten the most page views and e-mails stating how much people liked it because I am not pretending to be so happy all the time like some bloggers. I was obviously having a rotten day and chose to blog about it, which actually helped alot of people having a rough day as well. My days of blogging are far from over,there will be MANY more posts, and maybe just maybe I'll post about what I like. I count my blessings every day thank you. You must be one of those people who poop rainbows and butterflys?

Anonymous said...

No, mine stinks too...but I try to be thankful for what I do have, not hateful for what I don't.
...and anonymous fits because you don't know me...but if you'd rather names be used, maybe it should not be a choice you have here.

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

What you are not understanding here is that I am thankful for what I do have. Because of this 1 bad day I had and chose to blog you have deemed me as an ungrateful person. If I said I hated onions that does not mean I am not thankful for everything God has blessed me with in my life. If you did know me you would know I say what is on my mind....
Like I said, if you choose to continue to read my blog, keep an eye out for the list (that will be much bigger) of "things that tickle me pink" lol

ash said...

.. i think if everyone is honest with them selves we all have things we hate/ seriously dislike in life... its some of what makes up appreciate the things we have that we like soooo much. im with you. lol i hate june bugs. ewww they are so grose.....:( sorry to hear you had a crappy day they seem to be running amuck lately. its funny that someone would read a blod titled "rant:- may offend some readers" and than get offended.... lol ... i liked it :D lets me know im not the only one who hates hockey.... a fake people. ewww fake people. lol take care. ( and hey look at that theres totally a way to leave your name. lol

CoadyTNP said...

That section of your hate list was about me wasn't it? "I hate when you state your opinion and people think it is a direct digg at them, especially on FB (Ugggg)" You're always trying to subtly humiliate me. GRRRR!! :P

I think "hate" is a somewhat healthy emotion when it's directed in the right direction or helps you learn from it. It doesn't seem like you're going to kill anyone, so I'll say at least 90% of this list is healthy hate and I bet some is exaggerated. And it's entertaining as usual. We all get frustrated with life sometimes. If you say you don't you either have a chemical imbalance or you're just lying.

I think it also fits the meanestmotherintheworld theme very well ;)

You should name one of your entries "I poop butterflies sometimes" :P

MeanestMotherInTheWorld said...

Thanks Ash :)
NO Coady it was not meant for you lol And I am going to change my title on the "things I love" post to your suggestion :) Now design me a logo :P

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