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Friday, April 8, 2011


Today, I am thankful.

I know today is supposed to be "film Friday" but I just wanted to take a moment and blog about these past few days.
As you all know Parker was admitted Tuesday night with a fever of 104 and dehydration. It sucks SO bad to see your baby sick. By supper time on Tuesday he was listless. Anyone who knows Parker knows how busy he is so this was very scary for me. By 8:30 that night they were taking blood and putting in an IV. As soon as the fluids started pumping through his veins he did perk up but he was still pretty miserable. Today he is (almost) his normal self, still not eating very much but I am sure that will come. This is why today, I am thankful.
Alot of the blogs I follow were created for the soul purpose of keeping everyone updated on the health of their child. Mom's who have been in the hospital for months with their little micro-preemie. Parents who know that their little son/daughter will not be leaving the hospital. Parents who have a child dying of cancer.
I can't imagine months in the hospital, isolated from the outside world and most importantly, the rest of your family.
It SUCKED being in the hospital. The food was gross, the cot was terrible, Parker's IV beeped all the time, I would just get him to sleep and he would need his vitals taken or blood drawn BUT through all this I knew he was OK. I knew we would be home in a few days. All he had was a virus. How selfish of me to be cranky because the cot was hard or because I couldn't leave the room unless somebody else was there to stay with Parker. My son was going to be fine. This is why, today I am thankful.
This morning I have been going through all of the blogs I follow who have sick/ terminal children and just praying my head off. Praying for a miracle for these kids & praying for peace and comfort to surround the family. Life seems so unfair sometimes.
Today, I am thanking God for my 3 healthy boys.
I love this boy!

Parker and his new friend...

Starting to feel better! Being silly with Mama!


leslie said...

glad he is feeling better... I was there twice with Ethan at 14 mos and 18 mos and it is not fun... take care!

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