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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hospitals, Eggs & Haircuts

Sorry for the little blogging hiatus...I'm sure you know what I am going to say next....

Jack ended up in hospital overnight! My family doctor called to see how he was doing Wednesday morning and he was still the same. He figured it would be best to keep him in observation overnight where his temp was so high and he still wasn't eating or drinking. Well as my luck would have it, the first two doses of antibiotics kicked in as soon as we step foot into the hospital's front doors. It was pretty much a waste of time! Oh well we got some Mama & Jack one-on-one time which was nice!
I am about ready to start home schooling the kids and cutting off all ties with the outside world, at least until they are old enough to stay at the hospital by themselves when admitted! Jack is 100% back to his normal self....and now Parker has a big lump in his neck and is running a low grade temp. I think soon I may need an admission....on the psych ward! Jack sees the doc this morning at 10:45 thankfully the secretary squeezed Parker in with him.
In other news, Parker had his very 1st haircut! He didn't think it was so great at first but after a sucker he did great!
Last night we did our favorite Easter activity....dying eggs :) The kids had so much fun, especially when they noticed their names starting to come through the dye! They thought that was pretty cool!


Jack relaxing in his hospital bed watching TV

Before haircut....

...during haircut

After haircut...looking a lot like a little boy and less than a homeless one!

Egg dying time! Claire rockin' the grocery bag tank!

Finished product!

The colorful rice krispie squares on a stick I made for Riley's class party!



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