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Friday, June 24, 2011

21 Months

Parker Thomas, you are 21 months old today.
  • You weigh just under 23 lbs, wear size 12-18 months but you do have a couple 18-24 months shirt that will fit.
  • You wear size 4 shoes but soon will need to move up to a 5.
  • You are still in a size 3 diaper but as soon as this box is gone you will be graduating to a 4 because you are starting to get little red lines on your legs.
  • You wake up every morning at 6:30 (yuck)
  • You have 2 bottom teeth that are starting to poke through.
  • Your vocabulary has taken off! You repeat everything, even more than last month. My favorite thing you say now is "thank-you". It used to be "thank-O" but now it is the cutest "thank yewww" ever :)
  • Your new habit is "needing" a sippy cup with water in it for bed (ugh)
  • In the last month you have learned that you don't only have gentle hands, but hitting hands as well  (again...UGH)
  • You love to take your diaper off all by yourself. I think potty training may be in our near future!
  • You still love music and dancing
  • You LOVE the "weeeee" (the slide)
  • Your favorite food lately is "sgetti"
  • You like scrambled eggs now
  • You love watching iCarly
  • You are starting to snuggle for longer periods of time
I cannot believe that you are 3 months away from being 2! That blows me away! Time seems like it is passing way too fast with you. Even faster than I remember it passing with your brothers! Maybe because you are the last child so I am trying to keep you a baby longer and am noticing just how fast time is passing this time. You bring us so much joy, as busy as you are I cannot imagine our lives without you! We love you SO much!


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