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Monday, June 13, 2011


A new week begins....

Even though Parker was awake just after 6, decided he didn't want his cereal and that it looked better on the floor than in his bowl, also decided he wasn't waiting for Mama to change his poopy diaper and that he was going to do it himself, I am choosing to be happy today.
Yes, Mondays suck but I am glad I am here to enjoy another Monday. I am thanking God for another day. For health, for a roof over our head and for my boys.
Yesterday was a LONG day. Daddy was working and the 2 oldest boys were at each other ALL day long. Jack & Parker were in bed by 7 and Riley, Daddy & I sat down to play a couple games of Skip-Bo until about 8:00.
When I was tucking Riley in for the night during his prayers he thanked God for his Mama & Daddy. He said that he was lucky because Jesus had "made" him the best Mama & Daddy in the world. He also told Jesus that he was sorry for fighting with Jack all day and asked Him to send us lots of money because we are all stressed out and need a vacation. This melted my heart! Even after a long day where the boys were cranky & Mama was cranky Riley was thanking Jesus for the best parents in the world!
We are all going to have long days with our kids, days where our patience is running thin, and that is OK. This is a constant struggle for me. We are not bad parents because we run out of patience sometimes. I know I lack in the patience department and I am just realizing that this does not make me a terrible parent. I know I am not a "TV Mom." When my kids are acting up I do raise my voice because I feel that most of the time that is the only time they pay attention! I envy parents that can keep their calm. One who, while the kids are acting like animals can calmly say "now now children, is this how we act? Let's take a minute and think about how you are acting....."
I have come to realize that just as we are human and just as every human is different so is their parenting style. I am not a terrible Mom because I raise my voice at my misbehaving children. Or because I keep my 4 year old home from a birthday party that he has had his heart set on attending for a week. (because he was given 3 chances to behave, and chose not to) This Mama has rules if that makes me a "Mean Mama" at least I will be a mean mama to 3 boys who know that there are consequences to behavior :)
Have a FABULOUS week :)

Gotta love lazy Saturday mornings spent in jammies!


Angela said...

Your a good mother Kristy, BECAUSE you make consequences, most mothers give in no matter what, thats not a good mother, Rules are what makes kids want to be better and do better, and its hard, and breaks OUR hearts when we make them stay home from that Birthday party........but it's a choice they made by mis behaving, Good Job Mamma!

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