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Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Years Old!

5 years ago today at 6:23 PM Jack surprised us all with a little penis. Let me explain....

When I was about 23 weeks pregnant while having an ultrasound, a certain OB/GYN told Daddy & I to "buy pink" as we were having as baby girl.
On June 16th at around 6:30 PM my water broke. After a night of no sleep, and NO contractions, I was put on the drip at around 1:00 PM. By 1:30 contractions were in full force. At 5:00 PM at 8 cms dilated his heart rate starting dropping. With every contraction his little heart was slowing down. At 5:30 I was given an epidural, blood was being drawn from his little head to test his blood oxygen level and a heart rate monitor was placed on his head. The OB was paged up and the OR was prepped for an emergency section. The doc kicked everyone out besides Daddy, got his scissors out (insert "cringe" here if you are a Mommy who has had an epesiotomy...OUCH!!) and 7lb Jack Douglas was delivered by forceps at 6:23 PM. I will NEVER forget the words "you have a beee-autiful baby boy" for as long as I live! Everything he had was pink! Diaper bags, receiving blankets, sleepers, outfits, shoes...EVERYTHING! Thankfully we did the room in Winnie the Pooh so we didn't have to paint it after the fact!
The next few months were a whirlwind of emotions. I was one of the lucky ones to get hit super hard with Post Partum Depression. You can read about it here.
Here we are, 5 years later.

The last 5 years have gone by SO fast! You have been in school (pre-primary) since September and you love it. You are learning lots of french words and I cannot believe how quick you learn!
You are our spunky, energetic bug loving (except for spiders which you are SO afraid of), sporty little boy. You get embarrassed very easily and you hate it when you feel as though "all eyes are on you." You love mud and dirt and are the perfect picture of what a little boy is all about! Your blond hair and blue eyes are going to make you a little heart breaker! You know better than everyone else and you make sure they know this ;) You also have an answer for EVERYTHING! For example, when you were not being a very good boy the other day, I threatened to cancel your party. After thinking for a moment you said "Ummm am I supposed to just stay 4 forever??"
You love to sing but will not "preform." Like I said, you are very easily embarrassed and if you notice someone listening to you sing, you will immediately stop!
You are SOOOOOO excited for your party today! We decided on a "carnival" theme. We rented a bouncy house, hired a face painter and have lots of fun games planned! I can't wait to see your face!
We love you so much Jack Douglas! Happy 5th birthday sweet boy!!!!!

Waiting for you!

Mama, Daddy & Jack

Baby boy

Our sweet boy

We love you hunny!


NotSoNormalMommy said... cute! Happy Birthday!! My son will be 5yo in January. I dont even know where these years have gone. Luckily, we knew he was going to be a boy before he was born and there was no mistake! Lol. Hope you guys had a great party!

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