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Saturday, September 24, 2011

2 Years

2 years ago today I went to the hospital for a regular 38 week pre-natal appointment....

I was SO uncomfortable and SO large.
As cute as he was "in"...he needed to come "out". (Yes, he is smiling :) I just wanted my baby boy in my arms.

I suspected my water was "leaking"...Dr. confirmed it was but then quickly realized we had a baby monkey on our hands. At 38 weeks the little bugger turned himself into a breech, transverse position. Where I was in the very 1st stages of labour the only option was to do a section. Parker Thomas came into the world at 1:45PM.
It truly was love at first sight.
...and again at 2nd sight....

I was so happy to have another boy to love

 He was SO perfect!

Where have these last 2 years gone?

We have already celebrated 1 birthday
And now we are ready to celebrate a 2nd!

Parker Thomas, I truly cannot believe my baby is 2. You seem to be growing faster than your brothers did for some reason! There is not a whole lot of difference from LAST MONTH'S post (23 months). 
  • You now sing the alphabet
  • You are talking in sentences
  • I love how you walk into the kitchen or whatever room I am in and say "Mama...doin'??"
  • You love to "play toys" with whoever is willing to play
  • You love books
  • You have graduated to a 6 in shoes
  • You climb on the knobs on the kitchen drawers to get yourself on the counter top (yes, you are still a baby monkey).
  • You love "Barney" & "Hi-5"...anything with people singing holds your attention.
  • You're favorite song right now seems to be "Party Rock Anthem" haha
  • You love pasta!
  • A big milestone this last month is you want to go potty! You take your diaper off and will go to your room and pee in your potty! If I leave you for too long without a diaper you forget and pee on the floor but will run to the potty once you notice what is happening haha
You seem to be "excited" for your birthday! All you wanted was a balloon! I cannot wait until you see your cake that Tauntie made for you! Happy birthday sweet boy! There is never a day that goes by where you don't make us laugh. (...or want to pull our hair out HAHA)
We love you SO much!


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