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Friday, September 16, 2011


6 years ago today, I said yes.

I remember the morning like it was yesterday! At around 5:30 AM Friday, September 16/05 I got a call from my dear friend that went a little something like this..."Ummmm...I think I'm in labor, meet me at the hospital........." I jumped out of bed, woke up Riley, who at the time was in daycare. I was rushing around as if I was the woman in labor, when I knocked over a pile of clean laundry. Along with the clothes fell a tiny little box. As I went to grab it I was tackled on the floor. I didn't know what was going on....and didn't even clue in to what Prince Charming meant by "well I guess I HAVE to do it now..." When I finally regained consciousness (LOL) he was on one knee telling me how much he loved me, how great & beautiful I am, how he couldn't live without me...and all of that stuff (that I already knew....;) Of course I said yes...gave him a smooch and then headed out the door to go hold the hand of one of my best friends in the world while she brought her 2nd baby girl into the world around 2:30 that afternoon.
It was definitely a morning I will not forget! Meeting this baby must have given us our 1st dose of baby fever because within the next couple weeks we were pregnant for Jack!

I can't believe that was 6 years ago already! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing man in my life. I love you hunny! I am so glad I said yes, (well...I am actually SO glad you asked :)

PS Happy 6th Birthday Brooke!!

Engagement pictures from 6 years ago!

I love you <3


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