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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall & Walmart

No, it's not "technically" fall but oh how this air is screaming FALL!!!

As I told you HERE I LOVE fall and everything about it! This air makes me happy. Snuggling under cozy blankets with my hunny and with cool air blowing through the windows is my favorite thing EVER :) I know a lot of people are already missing the hot summer heat but those who know me know that heat is not my best friend.
Now onto the Walmart part of my post. So yesterday Walmart started their big anniversary sale. Prince Charming wants a new XBOX 360 so when I saw them on for $198 I knew I had to get one. My plan was to go put one on layaway and then just pick it up next week (pay week). Walmart opened at 8, I was there at 8:30 and they were sold out. They must have gotten 1. The other thing that made me mad was that on the front doors were big signs that stated "NO LAYAWAY ON ANNIVERSARY ITEMS." Maybe they could have put that in the flyer so I didn't have to get up early...get 3 kids dressed and rush out the door? Anyway, no big deal, they will be on sale again before Christmas I am sure. I did leave Walmart with tons of $1 bags of Crispers & Bits & Bites, a $5 club pack of Energizer batteries, a $10 grocery cart for Parker's birthday (yes, he will be 2 one week from today...UGH) and some $4 Tide. I absolutely LOVE sales and I am not afraid to admit it :) Speaking of Walmart have y'all seen  THIS VIDEO?
I DID have to laugh though. Yesterday, Prince Charming worked 1-10. He was still in bed when the boys and I left. My FB status said "1st inservice of the year! Heading to town shortly to pick up a new Xbox for hubby for Christmas :) (Yes, he is blocked from this status ;)"
When I got home this was in my (Facebook) inbox:
"Dear ______
I love you more than I can say in words. I know I don't show you as often as I should so I decided to write you a poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don't "log out"
I still know what you do.

Hope you liked it
I love you

I couldn't help but laugh :) Oh well, I think he had me figured out when he 1st saw it in the flyer and said he wanted to go pick one up and I said "CAN'T YOU JUST WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS????"
Well I am off for an afternoon of (hopefully) QUIET!! Parker has been up since 6:15 thanks to the lovely duck hunters who sounded like they were in our backyard. Parker was yelling "I go outside and see firewooooks..." 
As soon as he goes for a nap I am going to put on a movie for the older boys and I. Maybe "Mars Needs Moms." I will let you know how it least the first 5 minutes of it anyway ;)
Have a GREAT weekend!

Mama, Parker & Riley reading before bed :)
Parker LOVES his big brother!


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