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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Sky Is Falling!!

Well, in case you have not heard....the sky will be falling at some point today....I bet Chicken Little is somewhere right now saying "laugh at me now!!"

A huge satellite weighing 13,000 pounds, named UARS (Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite), the size of a bus, will break up into dozens of chunks weighing up to 350 pounds each which are expected to survive the burn-up through the Earth’s atmosphere and plummet to the surface.
Details of the UARS satellite debris to hit the Earth
(1) HGA gimbal and reten. (Titanium) 59 pounds impacting at 99 miles per hour
(4) Forward bulkhead fitting (Titanium) 55 pounds impacting at 177 miles per hour
(1) SSPP gimball (Titanium) 134 pounds impacting at 130 miles per hour
(1) SSPP structure (AL-2024-T8) 348 pounds impacting at 99 miles per hour
(4) MMS fuel tanks (Titanium) 11 pounds impacting at 59 miles per hour
(3) MMS MPS batteries (SSteel 304L) 101 pounds impacting at 146 miles per hour
(4) Reaction wheel rims (SSteel 304L) 4 pounds impacting at 240 miles per hour
(1) FSS housing (Beryllium) 7 pounds impacting at 175 miles per hour
(2) FHST bracket (Beryllium) 2 pounds impacting at 40 miles per hour
(2) G.F. abutment plate (Titanium) 4 pounds impacting at 30 miles per hour
(2) G.F. base plate (Titanium) 11 pounds impacting at 81 miles per hour
(1) G.F. extension (Titanium) 1 pound impacting at 47 miles per hour

How could you possibly prepare for such an event? Although the odds are slim that you’ll get pelted on the head (1 in 3,200), unless you’re underground, most of the debris chunks could easily slice through the roof of most any typical building or structure at 100 miles per hour, more or less. So don't take cover yet....I would just maybe say a prayer or 2 ;)
Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend.....if you escape the satellite that is ;)

A diagram of the satellite and it's parts


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