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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Church, Bugs & Books

It's Sunday & the "cold victims" are on the rise....

Parker started with a cold last week, the bug found me Thursday and today Riley & Prince Charming are the newest victims. Thankfully it is just an "annoying" bug rather than an "I'm going to lay you flat on your butt" kinda bug. We all have the sniffles and a little sore throat but other than that we are fine.
We decided to stay home from church to avoid sharing our nice little bug and I won't be going to visit Grampy until I feel 100% better.
Speaking of church, we have not been the best summer attendants. Our church stops Sunday school for the summer months. Expecting my 8, 5 and almost 2 yr old to sit quietly and listen to a sermon is completely unrealistic so instead of being cranky and "shushing" the kids for an hour we decided to take the summer off as well. We have a great church and minus our moves out of town...and a rebellious teenage stage, I am happy to be still attending the church that I was dedicated in as a baby. Having said that, we do not have a very great nursery system. When we were living in the "big city" the church we attended there had an excellent nursery. As soon as we walked in the front doors we brought the boys to the nursery/kids church and were able to go enjoy the service. I find it almost pointless to go to church just to sit in the nursery. There is a great woman (thank you Sharon;) who does help out a lot and my Mom will go in sometimes but then I feel bad because they miss the service. We have tried schedules but they never seem to work out and right now Parker seems to be the only toddler for the nursery. On the other hand I guess it is not 100% "pointless" because the older boys still get to go to Sunday school.
Sometimes I find that in these situations my patience run thin (thinner than usual LOL)
When I feel like my kids are being too loud and annoying other people it makes me cranky with them. This makes me sad because I feel like a lot of the time we expect our kids to be adults instead of just letting them be kids. I guess I need to work on that.
Well it is that time of day again...and a beautiful time it is...PARKER'S NAPTIME!!!!! The older boys are playing outside with their cousin & I think I may curl up on the sofa, next to Prince Charming with my blankie and book. I just finished "The Glass Castle" and I recommend it to anyone thinking their life sucks. It will make you VERY thankful for what you have. I needed a dose of that. I am going to start "Firefly Lane" by Kristen Hannah this afternoon. My sister claims it was one of the best books she has ever read...I will let you know :)
Happy Sunday everyone!

I took this last night. Is there anything better then a freshly bathed baby in 2 piece jammies?

My books as of lately :)


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