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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hospitals & School

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks!

Sorry I have been MIA (again) but these last few weeks have been a doozy.
My Grampy has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks. I can honestly say I thought we were losing him. He went in with a pain in his lower back...what we thought may be a kidney infection. Within days he was struggling to breathe, filling with fluid and hallucinating. It was really scary for us, and frustrating at the same time. It seemed, even with test after test the Dr's could not get to the bottom of it. He was having such a hard time to breathe but yet is oxygen was registering at 98-99! Yesterday he had an echo cardiogram and we learned that only 35% of his heart is functioning and he was moved into ICU. The Dr's also started him on a drug called "Lasix" which is used to drain the body of excess fluid. By 8:00 last night his body had lost over 5L of fluid. He did not have any hallucinations or confusion yesterday and he was the best we had seen him since his admission. He was back to "Grampy." We got him a TV for his room and he was so happy to finally watch the news, Price Is Right, Wheel Of Fortune & Judge Judy :)
He is waiting to go on a 3 hour ambulance ride to the big city for angiogram/angioplasty. It sounds bad to say, but I hope there is a blockage because if that is all it is they will put in a "stent" to keep the artery open and he will (hopefully) be fine.
On top of all of that my dear Mother had surgery this morning to fix her deviated septum. The surgery went great and I will be stopping in her hospital room on my way to Grampy's tonight. The hospital seems to be my 2nd home lately.
In other news, SCHOOL IS IN!!! The boys seem to be doing well adjusting to their new routine and as sad as I was to see Jack off to grade primary, the days with just Parker are GREAT :) Today is "anti bullying day" at the kids' school. They are encouraged to wear pink shirts. I was kind of nervous thinking I was going to have a fight with them this morning when it came to their shirts but they did not even argue once :)
Now that school is back in I hope to start blogging a heck of a lot more than I have been!
Hope y'all are having a great week!
Me & my Grampy <3


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