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Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to the Grind & Mean Mama Monday

Today I am a mean Mama because I made my children go back to school :(
We had an AWESOME 4 days in the big city! It was nice to see Janette & Bray, the Sweeneys and also the Coles. We went to see Sue the T-Rex....we discovered many things at the Discovery Centre, like what that place looks like at max capacity for example and we swam lots. I am convinced that the boys are 1/2 fish!
Daddy took the boys to see "Mars Needs Moms" in 3D, they thought that was pretty amazing!
Parker was much better than I anticipated. We had 1 rough night and early morning. I was walking the halls of the Mariott with him from 6:45 until 8:30 so Daddy & the older boys could sleep in.
It worked out great that Tauntie, Uncle Dude & Claire were right next door to us at the hotel. We were able to go hang out there when the kids were asleep. The phone makes a great baby monitor :)
I am so sad that March break is over. The boys are back in school & Daddy is going back to work tomorrow :*(
It was such a perfect week! Don't get me wrong the boys did have their moments of crankiness and arguing (& maybe Mama & Daddy had a few moments of crankiness ;) but that is to be expected. We made so many memories and I am so thankful we are able to do these kind of things :)
Our visit to the museum

Our littlest fishy

Claire loved the pool!

Smiley Riley

Another fish!

Playing at the Discovery Centre

Jack thought this was pretty neat!


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