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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post Flu Bug

Well, the flu has payed a nice visit to all of us. We hope it doesn't come back for a very long time. If it does decide to return I hope ALL the boys are old enough to know that when you feel like you have to barf you go (RUN) to the bathroom, don't just sit in your bed.

Don't you feel like your house is so dirty and germy after the flu has run through it? The air feels so stale and smells like "sickness." Guess what I have been doing since before 7 this morning. My house no longer smells like "sickness" but the overwhelming smell of lemon and bleach are not sitting too well with my recovering tummy.
In a previous post I mentioned not getting the flu shot this year. Sunday night around 11:00 I was second guessing my decision. Yesterday my sister e-mailed me this interesting fact. "This is not actually the flu at all but a condition called "viral gastroenteritis". It can be caused by several different viruses including rotaviruses, adenoviruses, and the Norwalk virus. But it is not caused by any of the influenza virus strains. This mean you can get the so-called stomach flu even if you have had a flu shot." That made me feel better. Also a lot of my friends who have gotten their flu shots have still gotten this rotten bug within the last couple weeks. I guess with this bug you can't really prevent it. My hands are red raw from all the washing with soap and water PLUS hand sanitizer but clearly I could have avoided sore hands.
I must say there was a small benefit to having the flu, I managed to lose 4 lbs in 2 days! This just may be the jump start I need to get on track. That is 4 less lbs I need to lose to get to my goal weight!
Enough talk about the flu, if you could catch the flu by reading about it you would all have it after reading my blog lately!
Brittany's plane will be leaving Montreal at 11:15 AM (our time). The flight is 4.5 hours to Haiti. Riley is very worried because of what they learned in school about the earthquake in Haiti. When he woke up this morning he asked if Brittany was going to be OK and if the weather was giving earthquakes in Haiti. Kinda pitiful! I was supposed to be going on this trip but plans changed and am going to go next year instead. I am a little glad I didn't go this time as I didn't realize how much Riley would worry. Maybe when he sees that Brittany made out OK he won't worry so much when I go next year.
Remember to keep her and the rest of the team in your prayers. They will be there for 2 weeks building an orphanage and ministering to the community.


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